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Really cheap tanks and lights for sale

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Ok i have 2 tanks im selling, the first is a 40 gallon octogon with light brown stand and coralife light with 50/50 purple and white bulbs, and 2 hob filters, the other is a 50 gallon breeder tank dont know much about it but it does hold water,
im askin 75 obo for both tanks and everything, i might be able to find a few more things to throw in also, this is a really good deal!
I need to get rid of these as soon as possible, i need the room please call me at 1-810-543-2980 or pm me on here.
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Sorry i have no way to post any pics, but i might b able to text them to ur cell (maybe)

still have the tanks for sale, OR IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED ILL TRADE FOR LIVE ROCK!!

the dimentions of the octogon tank are 25' high, 21 3/4' wide and 18' from from to back

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the 45 gallon is not a 45 sorry i just found out it is a 50 gallon breeder tank if that helps you at all.
50g tank

Is the 50g drilled? Does it have an overflow box? Let me know.
50 gallon breeder

no its not drilled but i might be able to find an overflow box for it, I NEED THESE TANKS GONE ASAP!
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