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Red Dragon Growth Tracking Thread

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I am going to track the growth of my Red Dragon as it seems to be growing very fast. My system has been up since April 2012 and SPS ready in June 2012.






12/20/2012 - Cell Phone pic
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For a little under 7 weeks that's very impressive! great job, Tom!
Very nice I had a nice one about half that size until I lost both heaters last winter now I am starting over from a single polyp that made it. Makes me miss what I had.
Wow, that is an insane amount of growth. Can't wait until my lights come in so I am no longer woefully underpowered. The growth rates in my tank are measured in geological time frames. I wish I was kidding.


We will have to look at the layers in your sand bed to gauge time relative to growth.
Update 10/262012

This is the fastest growing coral in my tank.
grow me a price tom lol
WOW ! This looks Awesome!! Please let me know when it needs trimming :3195:
Great growth and color Tom! RD seems to grow like a weed for me too! But then so dose everything else! Muh ha ha ha....
Wow that thing has really taken off. Whatever your doing I'd say you're doing it right!
Tom has some mad dragon skills! Great job Tom!
Dec Update

I added the December update to the first pic. I have also taken several frags off.
Hey Tom, as my red dragon grows the tips have become a light purple almost a violet color. I noticed yours look similar. Is this normal for them?
Also same thing with my rosé millepora. It's tips have turned a baby blue color. Both frags have been growing well, have beautiful bright color, and the Milli has amazing PE. The rd polyps are rarely out.

I noticed that when I put it in higher lighting. Mine is in about 400 - 500 par and has acquired Bluish tips. In the past the tips were more of a white color. Coral is happy growing and looks great so from my perspective it looks normal. For my RD the polyps only come out at night and they are translucent. Look closely tonight. Throw so oysterfeast in there you will see them for sure.
That makes sense, they were white and I gradually turned my whites up 2% over the last 3 weeks and that's when they color change started. Ill try out the ouster feat tonight. How long after lights out?
So since your chatting on your thread, put up a new pic as its been almost 2mths since your last update. That thing has got to be huge now
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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