I have two of these red mithrax for sale. Scientific name is Mithrax Sculptus, and they're related to the Mithraculus Sculptus (Emerald Crab). Selling them because my tank doesn't have enough algae or detritus for them, so they started going after my corals. They are only reef safe if you have algae for them to eat. They won't attack other fish/inverts, but will go after soft corals if they get hungry enough. I got them in some Gulf of Mexico live rock that I ordered. They tore through ALL of the macro algae that came in on the rock, and picked clean ALL signs of bryopsis, bubble algae, and GHA. They were less than half the size they are now when I got them back in September. They've been in a QT/isolation/observation tank with the gulf rock, gulf sand, and some coral frags I bought the entire time (almost 3 months now). So they're clean and aren't carrying any parasites or disease. Will meet (within a certain distance) or you can pick up; but I will not deliver. Inbox me or text at (734) 855 - 9274, but do not call.

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