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Hello Michigan Reefers Family!

Sadly its time to sell my aquarium. I will be moving in the summer time and will not be able to bring it with me. The tank and all the equipment was purchased in June of 2018, and the tank was set up in September of 2018. I will be breaking the tank down in March if nobody takes the full set up.

Everything that is included:
Red Sea Reefer 350
Red Sea Reefer 350 Stand
2 Kessil A360WE
Kessil Spectral Controller
BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor
Jebao DP-4 Dosing Pump
Jebao DC Return Pump
Deltec 600IX Skimmer
Vortec MP10 White Box
Maxspect Gyre XF250 plus Controller
Maxpure 4 Stage 90GPD RODI Unit
Half Bucket Aquavitro 225g Salinity Salt

Purple Tang
Female Blue Star Leopard Wrasse
Bangaii Cardinal
Swalesi Basslet
Colony of Purple Monster Palythoa (40 plus polyps)
Battle Corals Soda Popinski Acro
Battle Corals Bleeding Tree Acro
RR Pink Cadillac Acro
100+ Lbs of Real Coraline Coated Live Rock

The only issue with the tank right now is a bubble algae outbreak that i'm combatting. I have over $3500 in equipment alone. Looking at getting $1600 obo for the way the tank sits right now. I will help collapse the tank down and load it into your vehicle. Will provide pictures, send me a text to 586 four one nine 5920.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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