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I have a Redsea reefer 425xl for sale. Used for 5 months and have receipt from marine depot for warranty. Everything works fine just had to decide between dog or fish per the wife.... comes with the original white stand shown in pictures. Changed the sump to a icecap 48xl sump which comes with it. Also the original sump is included. Both sumps have built in refugium. The original sump I through out the freshwater ato. The ice cap sump has built in ato. However I'm also including my 50 gallon ato reservoir with tunze osmolator ato. Also included is two 50 gallon water reservoirs for semi automatic water changes. All plumbing included for how I had it set up with a manifold. A couple of couplers and elbows and you will be in business to adapt to your house. Has lots of unions for easy assembly. Also included is is a reef octopus various 6 return pump. Also a bulk reef supply dual reactor. Also a Kessil refugium light.

Great value,well over $3500 worth of equipment for only $800. It's cheap. I just want to get rid of everything quick and easy and make the wife happy. I don't think anyone gets into reefing to make money.

Serious inquiries only please. You pick up, I can assist in loading. Located in Perrysburg, Ohio just across the Michigan/Ohio border.

Call me at 419-410-2403 or text. You can also email at [email protected]

A few pictures attached but I didn't include photo of some of the small stuff or the icecap 48xl. I am cleaning that tonight and can send you. Picture if you need me to.
Image link below to drop box folder:



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