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I wanted to set up a thread as soon as I transferred over to my "new to me" Aquarium.
The transfer from the 45 gallon went fine howeve after a couple months a the aquarium took a turn for the worse. Alk drop, Cyano out break, heater went out you name it, it happened. I seen a thing or two over the last several months.

With that... 2019 is a good time to start posts. Always nice to see progress. (That's the plan anyway).

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Here is the primer...

Upgraded to a Red Sea reefer 525xl purchased used from a fellow here in Michigan.(108 Gallons)
Changed up the lights to Kessil, since that is what I had been using. Modified the sump area a bit. May add another light but OK for now.

I will post pics to show where I am beginning here for 2019.

Coral was brought from the 45 gallon, along with some frags I picked up about a month ago. I do have a few items to pick up from the recent Cherry Coral sale.

Despite the frustrations I managed to slowly add and have accomplished the planned "fish list" along with providing each with an individual name.

Tank mates:
Pistol shrimp/Goby pair (Eyesman & Sherpa)
Clown fish pair Mocha (Little Joe and Mocha)
Orchid dottyback (Sneeky Pete)
Royal Grama (Royal "G")
Chalk Bass (Billy C. Bass)

Anthias "trio" Bartlett's Anthias 1male 2 female (Andy, Candy & Mandy)

Dwarf Angel
1/Cherub Angels (Argi -AKA lefty)
1/ Flame Angel. (DaFloss)
1/Coral Beauty (Blue)

1/Starry Blenny (Bart Vader)
1/Flame Hawk (Two Bert) (Was considering a pair-(Two Bert and Not two Bert)
(Still might be possible but most likely will stick with Two Bert only. Two bert named in memory of "Bert"

Fish are doing well, added a feeder to assist with feeding task Flakes/Pellets & a little coral food while at work. I then add some frozen and black worms later in the day when home.

Live Rock & Coral from the 45 gallon(some easier colonies that made it through the mishaps), along with some smaller acro frags. Since the tank is more than twice the size of the old aquarium I picked up some additional live rock.

I have the aquascape set and am happy with it. I tried to keep it minimal and am aiming for bommie type reef structures. I am going to pick up a few LPS to add to the rockwork to help with the "Bommie" look.

I believe I am through the worse of the issues so the posts should help make my reefing great again. (Ha....)

Pics to follow...

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Still no pictures but I am experimenting...
Wish video quality was a bit better


Still experimenting with angles to avoid reflection, and placement to help with quality.

Live stock changes,
male anthias was a tile surfer-replaced with another female. Now I think both the originals turned male.
Total of three chalk bass

image is not a very good representation.

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This is right up on glass... May help with reflections... I will see during daylight.
This may be the best spot, Although may not be able to see coral on far side off rock. If ok... most likely this is where it will stay. Will mount with a magnet.
I am also adding another light for the coral not the video, however it may also help.

Yes seeing it at times that you are not around can be helpful. I did find that my auto feeder was not set up correctly on one of the feeding schedules.
Sunrise sun set times will still be poor, however during peak light it should be decent. Probably get some nice close ups of fish as it is near the feeder.
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