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AeroFoamer 630 skimmer by reef concepts. See site below for more details:


This skimmer is rated for 100g~500g aquariums. It can be run inside or outside of a sump/refugium. This is a beckett based skimmer. Has a gate valve to control water level, and a valve for the air control. Can be dismantled in a matter of seconds for cleaning. Sells new for $549!

I'll also include an auto waste collector cup. See below for more details:


This holds 1g of skimmate. It will also automatically shut the skimmer down when its full. Carbon cup on top which gives you a place to add carbon to help eliminate any odors. This sells new for $100!

I'll also include a spare beckett injector! I'm guessing probably costs around $25.

A GenX gx8500 pump will also be included. See below for more info:


This is a 2249 gph pump. Costs around $100 new!

So to recap your getting:

1. Skimmer
2. Auto waste cup
3. Extra beckett injector
4. GenX GX-8500 pump
5. Plumbing for all this with includes quick disconnects.

This would cost you around $800 if bought new. I'm asking $250 obo (NO lowballs).

I've also got other stuff for sale but felt the skimmer needs its own thread to help get it sold quicker. Combine this item with others below and get an even better deal. See thread below.



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