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reef doser for tank

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I have a Aqua Medic Quattro reef doser (4 pumps one control) and a red sea reef master pro wave maker ( four pump control)

I will add a Kent RO DI unit with new filters to the right deal

will trade for

A 90 or 120 set up
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I have a 125 and a 40 gallon sump Id be willing to trade. It has no stand or lighting, it is just the two tanks.
PM if interested I'm only about a 1/2 hour from you.


I need a four foot tank how long is your 125?
Bump Bump

Any one Just need a tank and stand, light would be nice.
I have a 90 gallon (just the tank) I'm trying to sell. I have a FS thread on here. I'm on my phone or I would include the link.

Ro DI added to sweeten the deal

Add more items for trade
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