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10% OFF Reef Octopus Super Reef Skimmers
For the old school hobbyist that wants a good solid basic skimmer with an incredible bubble producing pump. NO FRILLS, JUST SOLID PERFORMANCE.
***65279; Holiday special ends Midnight 12/31/2019

10% OFF Reef Octopus Classic Skimmers
The classic line is a good quality entry level skimmer that gets the job done. It's the perfect balance of price, quality and performance.
Holiday special ends Midnight 12/31/2019

10% OFF Reef Octopus Reactors
Light Reactors, Media Reactors and Pellet Reactors are on sale. Only exception is reactors with DC pumps.
***65279; Holiday special ends Midnight 12/31/2019

10% OFF Octo Sumps
4 sizes to choose from.
***65279; Holiday special ends Midnight 12/31/201

40% OFF Premium Refractometer
Only $23.99
Save on our most popular refractometer. It's on sale this entire month. Makes a great stocking stuffer. Expires Midnight 12/31/2019

As always we have our Sale and Clearance items that can be found below. So many ways to save on reefing here at Premium Aquatics.
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