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When I started this small project, I knew it was going to be expensive. I tried to get quality used stuff first but you know how that goes. Here is a list of what I bought and how much I paid for it.

used tank, stand, canopy 250
used PFO duel 250 MH with 2 month old bulbs, moguls, and spider reflectors (not using) 140
sump - full sheet acrylic and glue 140
used Euro-Reef 5-2 150
used mag 7 with new impeller 35
new mag 9.5 60
heater - took it off fresh water set up free
pvc and fittings 60
reflector 15
scwd Christmas present
algae mag. Christmas present
Sand 3 bags of SD from HD 21.00
70lbs Live Rock - a student who is going off to
college gave it to me free
Wood for canopy 25
fans for canopy 10ea 20
Bulkheads 15
Salt 200 gallons 35
Refractometer 50
Glimmer lines - Priceless

I think that is all for a total of 1016 for a 60 gallon with pretty good equipment.
I sure did use all of my handyman skills putting this together. A little woodworking, electrical, and plumbing all in one little project.

I hope this gives the people who are thinking of a reef adventure an idea of the amount of money involved. I also think $1016 for what I have is a really good deal (if the used stuff holds up - always a risk). There are a ton of people out there who are moving up or down and most of the reefers out there want to give people a good deal on "stuff."


Tank as it stands now.
Download Attachment Tank with Sump.jpg
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That is not a bad price for a 60.It sure does help to be able to DIY thats for sure. I am still in the planning stages and have about 2 bennies invested in the few things I have for a 20 long,I figure it will still take about 3-4 hundred just to get it up and ready for fish and coral.So I will have about 6 bills into mine just getting it ready.then I get to buy all the good looking stuff.Damm this is adding up....

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My favorite wet dream, a cheap salt water system, LOL.

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Yeah man...I need to join Coral Buyers Anonymous! When is the next meeting???

I read somewhere that "on average" you can estimate about $30/gallon when all is said and done. Though I know I've exceeded that by a whole order of magnitude! LOL [O] [D]
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