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Bummer is there any reef safe puffers? Also what size tank should they be in
Some people have tobies or other canthigaster puffers in their reefs... but it is always a risk. They will likely eat inverts and may nip at corals from time to time. Just depends on what you like to have in your reef. Smaller puffers such as those mentioned above, can be kept in smaller tanks and will be your best bet for "reef sort of safe." Arothron puffers (dogface, etc.) are not at all reef safe in smaller tanks. You'd need something 500+ gallons in order to keep one in a reef without it doing some real damage. Even then it'll still hunt and eat your inverts, clams, and might also chew on your sps/lps. Softies are generally ok.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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