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Reef savvy cube 45/50 gallon

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I have upgraded to a larger aquarium. I am selling off equipment from my original
Set up.

I will add photos as I begin cleaning up.

Reef savvy cube 45/50 gallon
Some light scratches ( I have read and seen YouTube videos on getting light scratches out, so it is possible.

Cube 400.00
Mp40 Old style 150.00 wireless
Mp40 QD 200.00 wireless
Tunze 3155 auto topoff new pump 75.00
CoralVue octopus skimmer 110int 100.00

Reef octopus 100 sump with adjustable baffle 90.0
Reef octopus return pump water blaster-80.00

I also made the stand (upcycled) with sliding drawer for sump that I will figure out a price for if there is an interest



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It was a good deal...want to buy it back?


I seen you had another set up for sale...
Skimmer, returnpump, and auto top off still available.
Well it wont be a build thread...

Its built

I guess it will just be a look at my new set up thread?
Wow... Time flies. Transition to new tank went fine. However things became difficult soon after. I don't believe I ever had so much trouble with an aquarium before. During the many issues I lost some coral but... am not out of the game. I think I finally have it stabilized. I have yet to start a thread, I guess this will be a good time.
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