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The time has come to clean the basement. I will add things as I find them. If anyone has any MP40 Wet Sides or even rebuild kits laying around they want to trade, feel free. Coral Trades are always welcome as well.

Aquatic Life ORP Controller (BNIB) $50

JBJ 7W UV Steralizer (sold)

12" CPR Fuge Light 18w (Needs a bulb) $10

Life Reef Overflow box with clear and black in tank box's $50

36x18x12 Tank (sold)

Great Lakes 20g sump $20

1.1ml BRS Doser $25

Hanna Calcium Checker $20

Hanna Phosphate Checker $20

BRS Slim 1g containers $5ea (5 available)

Established Live Rock $2 / LB

2 bulb Sunlight Supply T5 HO 39W Retro's (2 available) sold
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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