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ReefOlogist's 180 Fresh Start

Dear fellow amateur biochemist, i am setting up a 180 and i will be documenting as it goes along. the plan is to have a well established community reef after 12 pluss months.

180 gallon dual overflow, main tank
300lb of live rock (large porous rock)
1 inch of sand bed, will be adding more
250watt hqi x (2)
80watt t5 x(2) for color

120 refugium
80lb of live rock (dense rock)
will be adding 4 inches of " powder fine" sand
23watt led pendants x(2), i will be adding one more
macro's on the way
after the bubble trap i have euro-reef skimmer and return pump

My goal is to provide a step by step process that i like to follow when i build a tank with out saying this is the only way. i chose to use the least amount of equiptment as possible while bringing stunning results to the table.

i purchased this aquarium from a Michigan reefer member on the cheap, im sure some of you will connect the dots. it came withe every thing including fish. the fish are being kept at a fellow salty's house. i did this because of several factors, one being the odds of it will have a cycle are great. this made moving such a large tank easier as i had more time to work on everything. with the equiptment inside and where i wanted it(had to modify a few minor things) i began to add my sand first before i rock because if you drop a large rock on a sand bottom the glass will be protected. once my sand was level i start to add large plain boring rock for my base and work my up to the top using nicer and nicer looking rock. as i rock i try to keep in mind the size of fish i plan to have and what is the overall layout i want to achive. for me i usually will rock 6,7, maybe even 10 times to make wanted change before i ever add water.

Adding water and salinity shock

i normally will shock my new systems but this tank had aptasia the worst ive seen, so here is what i did, i filled my main tank with fresh water to the over flows and turned on my power heads, the next day i added all the salt i would need for the entire system, the day after that i filled the system with the remaining fresh water.
after 3 more days my ammonia fell and the system lost its odor and gained clairity.

now im into week 4 water quality is good and i have macro algae on the way, both in the mail and growing filiment algae. not to worry as my sump will be planted later this week. updates on that shortly
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