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Hello all,

I am purchasing a used 300 gal 120" x 24" x 24". Reading through the current hardware in the system I saw that the return pump currently being used is a Sicce syncra 16. I was a bit thrown back by this because that pump is rated for a max of 4200GPH. I realize being the return pump that there is about 5-7 ft of head loss on this tank which reduces it to somewhere between 2750-3450GPH according to the Sicce website. That is a tank turnover rate of 9 to 11 times per hour!

I plan to run a Vortech MP60 in this tank, so I don't think flow in the display will be an issue. I thought I had heard somewhere around 5 times the water volume is best, so that the skimmer and rest of your sump/refuge have time to clean up the water before it returns. That was my understanding anyway. My question is, planning for a high volume FOWLR (and maybe an anemone) do I need that much turnover from my return pump in this tank? What are your thoughts?

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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