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Return to Reef Tank after 6 years

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Well after nearly 6 years, I've returned to the saltwater hobby! Here is my new setup with some pics.

65g, 70lbs of LR, 4" sand bed, eshopps sump w/ bioballs, carbon and filter pad, eshopps S120 skimmer, two sicce voyager 3 powerheads, RIO return pump, a wavepoint retrofit 4-bulb T5 fixture (need to replace bulbs w/ ATI bulbs) and a marineland led strip light used for moonlights.

Livestock includes 1 sailfin tang, 2 false percs, 1 coral banded shrimp (which I hate and want to get rid of because he is too aggressive), 4 mexican turbo snails, 8 astrea snails, 10 bumblebee snails, 5 blue leg hermit crabs, 1 emerald green crab.

Corals/anemones include a hammerhead, green star polyps, blue mushroom, blue xenia, two different types of birdsnest frags (blue and pink toward top of tank!), a sebae anemone, flames of hell lepastea coral and a leather coral w/ waving polyps (not very colorful but nice and peaceful).

The tank, stand, canopy, sump, water, sand, clownfish, coral banded shrimp and heater came from a craigslist add from a gentleman who was selling his fish only tank after having it established for 3 plus years. After it was all moved to my house, I purchased 70lbs of LR from a guy breaking down his reef tank after 5 plus years and he also sold the hammerhead and sailfin tang. I had to T5 fixture, powerheads and skimmer online. I've been adding coral frags slowly over the last two months. There really was no "cycle" per se since everything came from long established tanks. This is the two month anniversary of my new reef tank!


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Well, I hate to be negative right off the bat, but a 65 gallon is way too small for a Sailfin.

On a positive note, welcome back to the hobby!
I don't think any reefer truly ever leaves do they???

How do you like those sicce voyager powerheads I see there becoming pretty popular.
The sicce powerheads are awesome and very quite with little heat. Sometimes inthink they might be too much flow for a 65 but its probably just right. The pump for the skimmer is also a sicce and works great. So far so good except i wish I had a automatic top off mechanism that would save me a lot of work and also keep the salinity more stable. I use RO water of course but the sump I have really isn't big enough to support a float since the skimmer already takes up most of the space with the heater. Also the space under the stand isnt big enough to support a rubber ware container for the RO water. I'll figure something out and maybe go to a larger sump w a fuge and just put the RO container outside the stand hoping the two year old doesn't mess w it :no:

. As for the sailfin he seems quite happy now and is only sharing the tank w two small clowns. He came from a 75g and will eventually need a bigger tank but for now he is quite happy and healthy. He eats like a pig too! Emerald entray and pellets w some flake occasionally w small clam at times. I wish I could get him to eat the nori I bought but he doesn't seem the least interested in it which maybe good since he picks at the LR for food and keeps it clean.

Which leads me to my next question! I've been looking into the whole pods phenomena and wondering if I can stock my tank with them or whether it's an impossible task given that the fish may eat all of them and not allow any time for them to multiply!

Also, I'll likely be getting rid of the two false percs and replacing w one maroon clown for the sebae anemone I have. I've been lookin at the wrasse family and see some pretty specimens. Are the easy to keep? I've read they Re jumpers but I have a canopy on the tank now with some chicken wire on the back opening already. Any thoughts on some colorful additions?
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I also wanted to add that the sicce pumps r very efficent and I plan to replace my return pump with one eventually.

Also funny that when I stopped having a tank back in 05 they only had vho lights and halides. T5s are great w LEDs to supplement moonlight. T5s are really efficient and the colors are awesome! I've never been a fan of halides since they r so inefficent and produce so much heat. Granted they do have that shimmer effect. 4 bulbs on my tank r unbelievable! I have soft coral on the sand bed and they r doing great even w a tall tank! And the sps are doing very well in the middle. Oddly the sebae I have actually is on the sand bed too after placing him near the top as I thought the light wasn't quite as strong as it would like. Apparently he is slowly acclimating to the t5s.
As far as wrasses go, I am a huge fan of the fairy wrasse family. Lots of gorgeous specimens, but some can be quite pricey. You could also look at the flasher wrasses, which stay a little smaller, are a little more timid, and tend to be a little cheaper (although a few of them are out of this world pricey).

Nice looking tank and welome back to the hobby. I bet it feels really good to be back.
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