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Reefers ,

I am breaking my system down so I can move so I would like to sell all my fish. All the fish have been with me for a while. The rhomboids have been with me more than 2yrs now.

I am located at 48187 and would not like to ship them. It would be nice if all of them to go to a single person if possible.

Rhomboid super male 4.5+ inch -$350
Rhomboid sub male 3.5+ inch - $250
Platinum Clownfish Pair - $100
Bartlett Anthia pair (The male is still changing color ) - $70
Red fire fish - $20
Green file fish - Does a great job with aptasia- $20

Pack/Group Pricing for all of them - $600

This is a great chance to get healthy fish at an awesome price and not have to deal with stores and shipping etc.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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