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Rodi help please. Well water issue?

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I have a 5 stage rodi that in my last house did 75 gpd with city water. I'm in a new house with well water which I expected would be slower but the waste water ratio is way off. I made 40 gallons at first with little issue except for being a little slow ( all new filters and resin).Output went to almost nothing after 40 gallons so I assumed the now red colored sediment filter was clogging things. Changed that and it improved but now I'm getting 16 gallons of waste for every gallon of purified. 1 gallon purified per hour 7 tds in/ 0 out.
Could the DI be clogged? That chamber seems to take time to fill with wAter. Or could the membrane be clogged? Would backflowing the membrane correct that if so or only prevent a clog? Thanx, sorry for the multiple times questions

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I have well water and haven't had an issue. Maybe the valve that controls the waste water is going bad or is rated for higher pressure.

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I had the same sort of issue when i just move from a city that had around 100tds to a now 360tds in the new house. I would go through di resin every month and produce more waste than good. I changed all filters and lines and still burned through di. I threw up my arms and upgraded to a 6-stage 150gpd with dual di and haven't had even half of the first di burn up after a month already. My waste is rated for 1:1 so my waste is null. I think a majority of 75gpd are a 4:1 waste. Still scratching my head but love the new 6 stage.

How is your psi in? Is it maybe different from your old house? Maybe have a check done to see if something that is in the well water is not being captured by your filters and something has to be substituted in or out.
Someone said low pressure from house causes higher waste water ratio. I'm going to try a booster pump and see if that's all it is. Read a review on that booster buddy and it said it caused slow output?? Is that right?

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It may, i should of checked that when it was hooked up. It maybe slow going out of the smart buddie to the first stage. It had the booster to get it to the 20ft to my tank for auto top off, so i didnt even think to check out of the buddie.
The booster pump will help. It did for me since being on well water my home psi was 40-45 psi. Buckeye hydro recommended being at 90 psi going into the membrane for best exchange. I still go through di resin more than I think I should be just bought the refillable cartridge and buy resin in bulk packages to always have some on hand when I need it. I'm only on a 4stage old Kent marine but the filters I got from buckeye hydro are fantastic. My tds going into the di is usually 4 or 5. If you're on well water who cares how much waste you have. You're not paying for water like you do in city.
Ps: I clean my whole house filters from the well water lines going into the brine system (Kinetico) monthly. Seems to help keep prefilters clean and have only had to change them about every 2 years.
Update: old house got a 4 gallon jug filled in 100 minutes, new house got 1 gallon done overnight. Added a booster pump and second RO membrane and now I fill a 4 gallon jug in 30 minutes with half the waste of the old house. Almost like water on demand- no more storing tons of water .

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