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Looking for rotifers if anyone has any or somewhere that may have them locally.
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Do you just need a starter culture or a bunch to feed? I just stared a culture and need to let the population grow for a week.

I was looking for a batch. I have some clown larvae that will be getting ready to hatch friday.
I ordered mine here.

Store | Reed Mariculture

Cost was $83 shipped for 1million rotifers (quart bag) and 6oz bottle of Rotifer Diet. Overnight shipping and I had them in 2 days.

Not sure if mine will be ready to harvest by Friday, but it looks like the population is exploding in the 5 gallon bucket overnight.

You should start a 5 gallon bucket with a bubbler and a heater at 78, set salinity a 1.018 and buy some green water locally. I could give some say Thursday night if you want to try and start a culture.

PMed my cell number.

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Thanks Tom, that is where i got them last time. Just under time restraints lol. I wasn't going to harvest this batch of clowns, but managed to make some room in the breeding tanks. I will call you if they hatch tomorrow and we can setup something
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