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Salt Water Setup Breakdoown

Breaking down my tank if I can get buyers for everything except tank I will sell it separately.

1) 4ft orbit 165 LED light 6 months old w/remote $100.00 available for pick up by Friday Sold

2)Most of the Live rock has been in tank for over 2 years 2.00 LB Make offer for all Lowered price $50.00 Takes All Make Offer

3) I would like to sell all the live stock to one person if you just want certain things make offer
1) Clown Fish Sold
2), Yellow Tang, Sold
3) Sulfin Tang sold
4) Small fish not sure of what it is Sold
5) Star Fish (reef Safe) Sold
6) Sea Urchin sold
7) hermit Crabs sold
8)) Snails sold
9) Cleaner Shrimp sold

10) 2 R/O Machines needs filters 30.00 takes both

55 Gallon Tank and stand with filter & Protien skimmer live rock $100.00 Please text me 7347718559 Best Offer
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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