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All coral buy one get one 50% off

I still have too much coral but you have all helped a ton, so for this weekend I'm going to try to get the rest gone. Then the boss "Wife" might let me have more but she looked really optimistic lol.

all frags I have on plugs are $10.00 sps,lps,and softys
purple digitata
red montipora
Idaho Grape montipora
granulosa acropora
sunset montipora
purple and gold montipora danae
blue tip acropora
tri color acropora
basket acropora yellow and orange
African blue hornets
lunar pallys
rock star pallys
eagle eyes
purple death pallys
ponape birds nest

all only $10.00 each

plus I have a few small colonies to move on to new homes
come see. All $25.00-$40.00 same as above just larger 3"-5"+

lots of power heads
all $5.00 each

Ice cap 660 with harness and end caps "rebuild last fall at A-1 electronics in Kimball" $75.00

Hamilton 250watt metal halide ballast freshly rebuilt new cap wiring and ballast "mogul" $55.00x2

Hamilton square pendants x 2 mogul style $25.00 each great condition.

Hamilton 400watt metal halide ballast great shape runs strong new caps $55.00

Feel free to call I have got a lot of used equipment not popping in my head.

come by talk reefs and have a soda always nice to meet fellow reefers in this area.
Thanks again gang

810-858-5027 call or text my name is john

also thinking about trying to start a Blue water area club if anyone is interested let me know.


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Lots of people

My gosh what can I say other than thanks so much guys so many people are coming today. Not sure if I'll make it back to the computer before tonight if you feel like stopping by just give a call 810-858-5027 ask for john.

What a great community :)
Thanks y'all

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Bump for Coral

don't miss out no one else is selling buy one get one 50% off this weekend help a reefer make some room.

that's 1 frag for $10.00 and 1 frag for $5.00 on every plug regardless of color type or rarity


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