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SBReef 16" Basic $ Broken Fluval Evo 13 gallon - GR Swap 3/31

Hi all, going through my closet and i've found a SBReeflight 16" basic with legs and hanging kit [used for ~3 months on my old tank]

Looking to sell [$60] or trade it for corals in/near GR

have a black Ikea stand that it fits EVO 13.5 gallon perfectly - 2 drawers, 1 drawer modified to hold a controller, and the bottom section designed to hold ATO res and/or Dosing jugs [gallon jugs]. Also has a metal Pipe type solution screwed to the back of the stand to mount a light over the tank to. I'll sell this for $50

Also have an Aquaclear 70 filter modified to have three compartments, and with an attached Refugium light. Covered in Black Duct tape with a viewing tab for the refugium section. Used this for around 3 months on my nano tank. Looking for $40 [or corals] for this in original box.

One last note that i'm looking for a Kessil A80 or A160WE with tank mount - can pay cash or any of the above towards a trade on one.

If interested in trading shoot me a PM or text 5173-58384-3

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