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Updated 3/4/21
Cut to order... Free $25 frag with any purchase of these 12 listed below.
BC Aquatic Man-$100
CB Maleficent-$75
RMF Acid Trip Millie-$75
RMF Diablo Millie-$75
SC OP -$100
TGC Cherry Bomb-$100
TSA Bill Murray-$75
TSA Twisted Sister-$75
Vivid Confetti-$120
WWC Heartbreaker-$60
WWC Black Widow-$45

Any 5 for $100 or $25 each
RR The Vinh - $25
Aussie Gold-$25
ASD Peaches&Cream Millie-$25
ASD Nuclear Millie - $25
ASD Mystical Lord -$25
ASD Wicked Dragon - $25
ASD Ice Cool- $25
ASD Silver Bat-$25
Cali Tort-$25
Garf Bonsia-$25
Greg Hillers Aqua Delight-$25
Hawkins Encinata-$25
JF TNT Anacropora-$25
Oregon Tort -$25
TCK Teal Tort- $25
WWC Yellow Tips-$25

Brownstown...PayPal with porch pickup Text 734-301-9153 for pics... Thanks, Keith

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Great seller! Frag had polyps out in bag when I got it home and has been doing great. Nice chunky piece too! Buy with confidence!

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