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Scooterb 100 gallon tank

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New to the site here.
Have been keeping a 100 gal reef for 5 years, and a 40 gal for 4 years.

Full tank picture.

Right side

Left side


The dimensions are 72"L x 18"T x 18" W

Lighting is 6 VHO's 3 Actinic 3 Actinic white
3 ice cap 430 ballast.
20 gallon sump/ refugium
euroreef skimmer
Iwaki return pump
3 Maxi Jet 1200's
2 Tunze Turbelle Stream Pump's 6080
How about these for carbon filter
I cut them in quarters andhave them fitted on my return from the sump

1 Yellow Tang
1 coral beutey
1 flame angel
1 anthia
1 blenny
1 goby
1 pistol shrimp
3 serpant stars
several red brittle stars
numerous snails
numerous blue leg hermits
several cucumbers

Cheap clean up crews, very good luck with this vender.

Also props to Fish Doctors Ypsi and Adrian, for there awsome deals and selection of corals and fish.

My 3 tube amenomes

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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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