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Scored today.

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Scored today lots of nice stuff

All I can say is I had a great day today I came across some real nice pieces

Picked up some of the brightest pink Zoas I have ever seen
Got some Bright lime green Rics
A mushroom they called a Blueberry?? It has little blue balls that grow on it
Some other cool shrooms/Zoa rock
Some Mushrooms (not rics) with a cool pink edge

and this

ever seen something this color? I believe it Echinophyllia sp But the color was unlike anything I have seen before

And I talked George out of a nice Monti he had LOL
So over all I found some real nice stock today
I will post more pics tomorrow
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Did you get all these at Captive Reef? How about some pics of the other stuff you got, sounds like some cool livestock. Lets see the pink Zoas.
I got most at trop but got a cool moti at Captive
Here are pics of them
Bright green rics

Blueberry Mushroom

Some kind of cool shroom with ta pink edge

And the pink zoas

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Is that really the color of the pink zoas? Did they have any more frags? I'd drive a couple of hours to get some of those. Very nice score.

The pink shroom - is that a ricordia or just a bumpy shroom. Either way, that is a sweet shroom. Hack that sucker up and share the wealth. LOL. That is something that I would just pass by and not notice in a shop and leave for somebody who has a better eye. Nice find.

Acutally no it not the real color they are BRIGHTER in person really!
He had a few pinks just like mine but not to many maybe 2-3 rock I think he got one colony in and broke it up

The pink shroom isn't a rics not sure what but it looked cool he had at least 6 more of these he broke the colony up for me while I was there
Will you put the sps and the shrooms in the same tank?
Yep, I have some lower light areas that they are in and I keep the rock away from the main reef structure so they don't grow on to it. That way as they grow I can remove the rock and frag at will
I do the same with the Zoa
Wow that was fast. You must be at work! LOL. I am new to this sps thing so please forgive the repeat (I am sure) question. Will the shrooms sting the sps? I searched on RC put can't seem to find an answer. What about Rics?
Yes sitting at the computer LOL (at work)
They will sting but only if they come into direct contact with each other that way I make sure the rock with shrooms are not near the sps plus most of my SPSs are higher up in the tank.

I keep the shrooms on separate rocks (they just sit against the main reef) that way I can remove them without disturbing the main reef structure. Also if I want to frag I can take the whole rock out of the tank to work on
oh so your the person he had thos pinks on hold for! I seen those man they are nice. I asked how much and he said they arent for sale, and the only ones he had for sale were sold.

Good catch!
That’s funny, I actually didn't have them on hold he had just frag up a colony and had 3-4 pieces when I seen them I had to have them. They weren’t cheap but when they grow out they I will have some nice frags
I know some people don't like paying the $ but if you can get good brood stock you can easily get you $ back with frags and that’s not overcharging for them that selling them to others at a reasonable price

But as soon as he sold me mine everyone there started to look closer and bought them up I am sure

They were original NFS I am sure but I have had good luck just asking them to frag up colonies I know the pink shroom was all one colony and he busted it up on the spot for me. It never hurts to ask plus its less $
Those are some nice pieces that you got.
The shroom after the ricordeas is Discosoma Sanctathomea. (Bubble Mushroom) Awesome mushroom!! Feed it and it will grow quickly. You got the Zoas at Trop?
Yes the Zoas are from Trop were did you find that mushroom info I would like to read up on them
Are they very rare?
You can read about those mushrooms in The Reef Aquarium Vol. 2 (Sprung, Delbeek) and Aquarium Corals by Borneman.
Thanks, I have Erics book Looks like they are Caribbean I just looked them up
Being a Acrohead I really never read up much on the Corallimorpharians. Looks like it time to do so
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