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"Scream heard from the movie," Psycho""

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I need some serious help.
I have listened to my local vendor on 7 occasions now and I am faced with a genocide in the making. I have treated for ich with the following meds as directed...Extreme Garlic, Kick-Ich, Greenex to the second power, Coral-Vital, a cleaner wrasse and now with Cupramine (copper).
2 weeks ago I lost my trigger to ich.(Greenex was on board)
At the beginning of this week I noticed that my sweetlips had what looked like, whAT i THOUGHT WAS, a bite mark on his tail. Then all fins started to fray, had labored breathing, cloudy eyes, and was hemmoraging, and had lost some weight. That is when i notified my vendor and was told to copper my tank. I did so. Last night, he passed along with the cleaner wrass they had also suggested 4 days ago.
I freaked today when I noticed that 1 of my clowns was swimming upright, clamped fin, labored breathing, and this slimmy white stuff on it. My masked puffer is now infested with ich, eyes are starting to cloud up, labored breathing, flashing, and laying on the bottom of the tank twitching and squinting his eyes. My rabbitfish is very dark , my foxface is white where he should be yellow and he has like this clear worm looking like thing that you can see coming from his mouth when he breathes out. The other clown is covered in that slime.Both of the bar gobies are fine. Knock on wood!
I then did a water change thinking my ammonia was high. (Tests don't read right with the Coral-Vital) Then turning my UV back on.I also prayed a whole lot!I went to seek advice from a friend and when I returned clown #1 checked out.
It is postively not looking good in my 90 gallon that was set up on Mother's Day this year. I have no idea what my perameters are due to the chemicals in the tank.
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