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Selling 150Gal Tank & Wood Stand/Lid $800 OBO

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Due to circumstances I need to sell my 150 Gal tank. Have had for 3 years. Tank itself is 72"long x 18" high x 30" deep. With the stand and cover over all dimensions are 67" tall x 75" wide x 35" deep. I also have apprx 50lbs of Live Rock along with a few fish to sell with tank 1 Tomato Clown Fish, a couple of zebra Dansels, and 2 blue dansels,crab or 2. under gravel filter system and also over flow and filter tank size if 18" tall x 30" wide x 13" deep. I'm looking for apprx $800 for this. Contact me if interested and we can make arrangements. I live in Fraser,Mi. JohnG
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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