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Selling 65 Gallon Aquarium, T5 fixture and more!

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65 gallon AGA, Stand, Glass Top, Mega flow kit accessories: $80
Here's some pictures:

Tek-Light T5 HO Fluorescent Lighting Fixture (6 LAMP 36" 39w T5): $100
I will include the stands and the bulbs with the fixture. The bulbs are about 3 years old, but I've only used them for a good year and a half. The fixture has just been sitting in storage.
Here's some pictures:

Portable Refractometer: $20
Here's some pictures:

I got a compact light for $20.
If you buy the compact light, ill throw in a little one.

I got free power heads I can give you if you buy something. Also in addition, I have Lizard Aquariums if anyone is interested. I have 1 50 gallon with a black metal frame stand and top screen ($30 together). I also have 2 20-30 gallon (20 each) lizard tanks.

Shoot me a PM if your interested.
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What are the dimensions of the tank?

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What kind of shape is the tank and stand in?

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