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I am just wanting to do something different until I set up the 300g again someday.

$750- All SPS for sale as a pkg only. Start off ahead of the curve with your reef tank by adding grown out, extremely healthy and beautifully colored corals. Everything has been maintained with Brightwell and Tropic Marin products. Nice mix of colonies and grown out frags. Pkg includes:

Xl Needle in Haystack
Lg Biohazard Anacropora
XL chunck green base w/ bby blue branch acro
Xxl Yellow Branching Porites
XL Wild all red monti rock
Lg Aussie Gold Acro
Lg Beach Bum Monti (multiple frags too)
Lg JF Snow cap (multi frags too)
PC Rainbow
PC Blue Thunder
RR Bee Kneez
Yellow Tort
JF Barney Acro

I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch. Text if seriouslyinterested.

Please only text if seriously willing to take action and carry a conversation. My patience is very limited for perceived time wasters.


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