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Selling Blue tang and corals

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1. Blue tang - sold
Almost 5 inch and very healthy. I took her when she was tiny size and now she is too big for my tank. Need much bigger home.

2. Candy cane
5 inch size and has almost 50-70 heads. - sold
Have few frag size - each 10

3. Green toadstool coral - sold
2 inch size
1 inch frag size

4. Green carpet anemone with additional coral attached - 30

Location is Troy. Porch pick up required.
Please send message. 248 238 11nine five


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Interested in your candycane colony and both green toadstools

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I sent message. Please contact me.
Left few candy cane frag size, each 5~10 heads. - $10
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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