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Selling complete 125gl reef set up

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I have no time for this reef tank...I work to many hours for this and what time i do get I spend most of it here. Im just going to sell it as a hole package ....I have 125gl tank with 1 over flow, stand and a 40gl sump with a mag 24 return pump, Reef octopus skimmer (250gph) A 72inch current Metal Halide fixture and Ballest with 3x250...Bulbs witch are 4 months old. 120LBS live rock and 140lbs live sand and a RBTA ,carpet aname couple of clowns and damsels...A RO unit 100 GPD media is 3 months....1000$$ Or Best Offer needs to be took down so bring a couple of people and a truck!!....thanks.for looking
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Is this tank still for sale? If so are there any pic's? how do I get a hold of you.
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