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Automotive tire Wood Gas Tints and shades Automotive wheel system

Fluid Liquid Bumper Gas Auto part

Automotive lighting Orange Electrical wiring Gas Wire

Blue Purple Rectangle Wood Gas

Automotive design Automotive tire Twig Floor Chair

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Electrical wiring Automotive exterior

Purple Water Pet supply Organism Display device

Water Purple Pet supply Organism Coastal and oceanic landforms

Tank includes:(3) pairs AI Hydra 26s
Reef Octopus elite 250 with controller
4- 1 liter dosing reserviors
Apex fusion system
Apex dos
(2) Maxspect gyre xf350 with controller
600w BRS heater with separate controller
Tons of filter socks

150ish pounds of livestock, tons of coralline
Live sand with crazy amount of starfish
Copperband butterfly
Purple tang
Magnificent fox face
Clown fish
Pair of anthias
Blue hippo tang
Angelfish (reefsafe and was a $300 purchase)
Coral beauty
Tons of coral including a master scoly SPS and LPS

4-stage RO unit
55 gallon mixing bucket with float shutoff and heater with power head and thermometer
Full bucket of Red Sea coral pro salt
5 gallon bucket for calcium and alkalinity mixing
Calcium carbonate powder
Soda ash powder
Citric acid bag for cleaning
2-liter Rally
2-liter kick ich (never used or had to)
Lots of test units and misc supplies
LRS frozen food
Sea veggies

would like gone by December 18. Just too busy and kids don’t care anymore. Been running for over 3 years
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