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Selling everything i have off. Im going to give this a little time to sell as a whole before partout.
180 gallon Miracles 3 side starfire, closed loop om-4way and dart.
canopy and stand is of great quality (furniture quality)
90 gallon sump
50 gallon rubbermaid fuge
Apex lite w/ wxm module and extra eb4 and breakout box
2 mp40 vortech gen 2's
2 mp10wes vortech's
Vortech battery backup
Tunze 6215 wavebox w/upgraded pump and controller
2 Tunze 6065
Tunze Osmolator
2 Brs 1.1 ml dosers for 2 part
Sro 3000EXT with coralvue self cleaning head
Ranco temp controller
3 300 watt heaters
BRS carbon and gfo reactors
20 gallon frag tank & 60 gallon frag tank
ATI sunpower 6x24 watt
48" Constellation fixture
SLS Bluewave ballasts with 20k radiums
ATI Blue + in canopy
75 gpd rodi 5 stage w/tds meter
Hannah p04 tester
Tigershark magnet
Mag 5
Tarpon return pump
Panworld 200 (spare)
40 gallon QT tank with everything needed to run
Galaxy 250 ballast, much more test kits, 2 unopened boxes of IO and more probably slipping my mind right now.
Kole tang--yellow tang--green coris--melanaurus (male & female)--solor wrasse--2 royal grammas--six line--Trio of Bartlett anthias
rose miilie--sunset millie--blue millie--strawberry shortcake--roscoes blue--pink lemonade--rasberry limeaid--pearlberry--strawberry fields--green red caps--snowcone prostrata--ATL christmas merrabellis--yellow torts--slimers--ATL shades of fall--Digis--Red dragon--oregon tort--ORA ice tort--Aussie gold--setosa--Montis superman--sunset--reverse sunset--seasons greetings--pokerstar-- And more
If you would like pics i can send them via phone. Stop by and take a look.

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Hey guys/gals yes im in farmington hills. Dont want to break it up yet but have a list of pm's when i do. Items also added to original post and there will be alot of that.

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Ok, im going to let the frag tank stuff fly.
(2) MP10WES 180 each
(1) Tunze 6065 70.00
20 gallon frag tank 35.00
60 gallon frag tank 75.00
ATI Sunpower 6x24 225.00
48" Aquatinics Constellation 375.00
Quiet One 3000 40.00
Chris (734) 564-0997

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