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Selling out in Livonia, baby on the way.

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My wife and I are expecting, and since this is our first child I will be draining the tank temporarily until I know just how much time and money our new addition will require. I would hate to lose any of my prize specimens to neglect.

This is what I have:

Adult black Ocellaris clown pair(perfect, no abnormalities)
Adult Ocellaris pair(again, a great pair)
Adult Percs(Just shy of what would be considered Onyx)

Misc fish including, Lyretails, Bartlets, Chevron tang, Purple tang, unicorn tang, 2 Cardinal proven pairs, sailfin blenny etc.


Large and small colonies of Green Bali stag
All colors of Montipora, green, orange, and purple rim caps.
Large purplish bali cultured stag.
Several colonies of teal with bright neon blue tip stag.
Tricolors and many unidentified purple sps.
Hot pink stylophora

Lots of great rock.

Much more.

I can't post pictures but this is all top notch stuff. Serious inquiries only. Call Todd 313.310.5457
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sent a pm and called
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