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I am going to be selling the Coral Farm That I am using currently.

2 x 48x15x16 Acrylic Tanks stacked with stand, plenty of room to get into each tank and plenty of room under first tank for MH's.

3 x 100 Gallon RubberMaid Containers

1 x 96x12x12 Acrylic tank w/stand that breaks into 2 pieces, so its easy to carry.

1 x Geo Skimmer rated for 450 gallons +

1 x Beckett Skimmer rated for 400 gallons

3 x 250 watt MH's 2 months old. 20k,10k,20k,12k bulbs.

35 gallon holding tank from farm store, never been hooked up.

1 x genx 6000 pump, internal

1 x genx external pump PCX-40

2 x 6' x 3' x 2' grow out tanks

1 x 2' x 2' x 2' rock tank

10' tall Protein Skimmer

1 x 1 1/4 jucuzzi pump
1 x 1/2 horse jucuzzi pump

I think that is all for now... also have about 14 10 gallon tanks.

[email protected] is my email address 812-201-0210 is my cell phone. I am open for pricing on all of this. I need to get this out of the house and spare garage.

Thanks a lot,

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Ok Time for some Pictures.

The Tanks are all plumbed together. There is a 2' overflow from the top to the bottom on the 2 on the stand, then the bottom has a 2' into the sump. This system was set up for effeciency. 1 pump runs the entire system, all about gravity. :D

The systems are still setup, so I need to sell the corals first before I get rid of the lighting.

2 are full retro kits from CoralVue
electronic Ballast, all wiring, bulb, spider reflector w/socket.

1 is a bare ballast cap and coil DIY with everything included just as above.

I will try and get a pic of the 96" tank, I just set it up, but decided to sell out for a while, need to spend time with the 6 month old. These are some old pictures but the acrylic hasnt changed :D

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also the 2' and 6' tanks are Wood with Epoxy, with that much water flowing through it, i didnt want to have to worry about seals breaking. They are blue and the 2' is white.

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