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shift transfer

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Well I just accepted a shift transfer (as well as a plant transfer but that doesnt mean anything) to 3rd shift. 3rd shift you ask? well because it will be like another 25 years till I will be able to get to days and second shift just doesnt cut it when my kids start school. How the heck will I have time to see them if I am on second shift (when they start school I mean)?

For those of you who dont know about different shift schedules we have both 24/7 and traditional shifts. Most people work 11p-7a == 3rd 7a-3pm == 1rst 3pm-11pm == 2nd. I currently work 2:30-10:30pm because my department is special and we get to get out before the other 500 workers do (day shift has like 1200 3rd has somewhere around 600 and second has around 500 employees). the shift I will be going to I will work 11-7 because then I wont need to find a babysitter for 15 minutes/night. some people here work 4 on 4 off but they are either 3pm-3am or 3am-3pm. there is no switching between days and off shift here on our 24/7 crews. the other 24/7 worked is 3days on 2 days off 3 days on 3 days off 2 days on 3 days off. those are either 7a-7p or 7p-7a. If I was to do 24/7 I would rather do 4 on 4 off and work 3-3. My whole company will eventually be 24/7 but being as when they tried to make the whole company do it at once they almost had a union approved to come in my company decided to take it as volunteers for now. As people leave they convert it to 24/7 (with exception of my department as we are spread thin as it is). Depending on when I get to transfer to 3rd (meaning what date I will transfer. I am going no matter what) 2nd shift may be short 5 mechanics. as it is right now we are short 3 but one is going to days for electrical training here next month and with me going to 3rd we will be 5 short on second. will be that way for another 6 months.
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I'm sure that your kids will be much happier and better off with you around more than just on the weekends.

When/if you go 24/7 will you be working straight days or nights, or swinging?
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