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shipping delay on liverock

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hey all that are involved in my liverock order
darren and i had a mixup, i thought he was shipping tomorrow, he thought he was shipping next friday.

so...... no pickups tomorrow.
i'll try to pm everyone as well.

sorry about this, i'll take the blame, we were miscommunicating, and i should have caught it.

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jodelt are we still on for the caulprea let know Thanks Doug
pick for rock then is for the 26th??????:confused: :D
will call you on my way up have a hot date set up for Pruess with the wife see ya tonite.
Hi Jodelt,

Is everything a go for this friday??? let me know please should be able to get there about 7:00 pm. Pm me or will give a call on friday thanks Peanut
jodelt, I've not heard a word from them either. However I'll be happy to help with my van if some one want's it picked up other wise I'll just pick up my stuff and the fuge for Alien 7. Offer still stands for all thanks Doug B
I'm in commerce twp. sent you a pm greenb
Hey greenb and rjmelvin you both have pms. Alien 7 you have a pm as well thanks Peanut.
sounds good Jodelt will wait till the morning. Chao
No problem jodelt sorry you have to come to det for the stuff anyway I still have your cell # will call you tonight about 6 to find out where you will be Thanks Peanut
joedelt and rj I can help as 696 is possible for me let me know thanks.
Greenb as soon as I know when we can get it, I will call the number you left me. I have made arrangements so far to meet at 696 and orchard lake road maybe in the occ campus parking lot to transfer the rock. If you want.
Hey gang,

The piece of lr that I got is pretty good sized. I can use it but I don't have a scale handy to weigh it on. If some one is short on there fiji rock I may have the excess in the one piece that John gave me. Any way let me know what we can do, my order called for 20 lbs the piece is some where around that but not sure. If some one is short and can weigh out 20 # we can trade the piece I have for smaller ones that they have, let me know. Hope every one is happy with the order that john put together personally my wife and I appreciate all the work John put in to making it happen!!!!!!!! Until you have done one or two of these types of deals you just don't know what goes into them. Thanks again John

Doug B.
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joedelt wish I could tell you but I don't have a scale so I'm not sure. Just want all to be happy. :) :) :)
Auqua Philly if you have a means of weighing the rock and can weigh 20 lbs for me then you can have the piece that I got let me know thanks Peanut. I live in commerce twp. near milford
I don't have a bathroom scale however I posted that if aqua has measured out 20 lbs she can give me then she can have the one piece that I got. May be it will solve this issue I don't know but we have been here right along trying to help. getting frustrated let me know what's next.
Thanks John, just trying to keep everyone happy I will try to get my piece weighed tonite that way were good.
Well folks the HOOGE rock has been weighed on my brand new $70.00 digital scale, and oh by the way I'm off the hook it weighs 18.lbs 2 ounces so where is the rest of my order??? which has now cost me $147.00 dollars plus my time for trying to be a nice guy and help out:mad: :mad: :mad: It's a good thing philly did'nt give me 20 #'s of her rock inexchange for the HOOGE rock she would be even shorter than her missing 12#'s. If you don't understand my frustration just follow the dialog from me through this entire thread. Thanks Doug
Tom, did you get every thing moved this last weekend?? I appreciate your concern and yes I would do it all over again. We are in a unique hobby that I hold near and dear to my heart I've been involved with aquariums since I was about 3 years old. When stuff like this happens it gets frustrating thats all. Fair is fair I feel better that the rock weighed less than 20# rather than having some one elses portion of the order. just the way I was raised. Thanks again Doug B.
The folks at palmetto made a kind gesture, but, you know what they are in business to make money not give things away if they shipoped the right amounts then someone out there knows that they have to much and should step forward, just do the right thing no questions asked.
One final note before bed I hope all of you are curing your new rock it should take a couple of weeks before you put it in your tanks. Mine is really cool but beginning to stink in the vat that it's in. This is normal for all new rock it has to cure.
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