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Just wanted to know if these item will be good enough for my tank

1. Aqua c protein skimmer EV-120
2. Ocean Clear canister 319 Filter
3. Mag-Drive Pump #7 or #9.5
4. Aqua Ultraviolet 15W Sterilizer w/o Wipe (Aqua UV)
6. 2 Cooling fans w/ 4 blue LEDs built into the fan
7. And the lights for coarl, etc

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don't know yet just want to get everything i will need before I start buying corals,fish etc.

1. alot of sites saying that I don't need uv Sterilizer because it will kill the bacteria that fish/corals will need.

2. Sites also saying i don't need a canister filter because it will kill good bacteria.

So i don't really know where to go from here. I just don't want to buy all living items and have them end up dying because I don't have all the items I need to run a saltwater tank.

This is what i have so far

1. Jebo protein skimmer (el cheapo)
2. peguin bio-wheel 330 (????)
3. 2 mag 7 pumps
4. cap 1800 for scwd

This is what I am going to buy If I need them

1. Aqua c ev-120
2. better filter system
3. Lites for corals/fish/fuge
4. Calc reactor
5. ??????????

Built a new stand for tank=
underneath i built a sump/fuge 42"L X 16"H X 12 1/2" W
with bubble baffles on one side where PS sits and fuge on other side and sump in the middle for over flow when power goes out.
So if you can lend a hand or let me know if have doing something wrong let me know.

Thanks for your response Craig
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