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Skimmers...Is that your final answer?

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What's up people. I've been reading the countless posts on skimmers, and gathering peoples different thoughts on the subject. But, I want to get right down to it...my tank! I'm shelling out $850 month for this beautiful apartment, and the largest tank i can have is my 10 gallon. and you better believe it's saltwater! I've had it up for about a year now, and so far so good. I would've put other creatures in there, but i was told i couldn't without a skimmer, and i haven't found one even close to a 10 gal. Some have said that skimmers aren't needed at all, others quite the opposite. So, i want to know what you guys think for my tank. can i have live rock, snails, shrimp, (yes, i fully understand tank capacity, these are just suggestions), etc.

Thanks for your help guys!
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Having seen all that (and being in complete aw), what specifics could i start with, just to test it out? And if i discover that I do in fact need an occasional skimming, any recommendations?

Thanks Again,

Thanks for the input, Clay. BTY, I currently have 3 fish in the tank (and maintain excellent water quality). They are1 Percula clown, 1 purple dottyback, and 1 Springer Dottyback. with that already full population, I wouldn't plan to add much at all. Perhaps just a little coral and a couple of 'inverts'. I still need to do a lot of research on coral and such before knowing what i would like in my tank, what i can have in my tank.

also, you mentioned something about feeding frozen foods. What impact does that have versus live or freze-dried food?


The tank itself is actually 12X20, but the stand is flush with the tank. Hey Scott, where did you get your BakPak and how much was it? Also, I wanted to see what you guys thought of my filter...It's a Peguin Bio-Wheel Mini which filters 100gph. Good enough?

As far as what will be going into the tank, I would only want a couple of small attractive corals. But the main reason I always wanted a skimmer was because I have seen some very attractive snails and inverts that i would like to have in the tank.
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