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Skimmers...Is that your final answer?

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What's up people. I've been reading the countless posts on skimmers, and gathering peoples different thoughts on the subject. But, I want to get right down to it...my tank! I'm shelling out $850 month for this beautiful apartment, and the largest tank i can have is my 10 gallon. and you better believe it's saltwater! I've had it up for about a year now, and so far so good. I would've put other creatures in there, but i was told i couldn't without a skimmer, and i haven't found one even close to a 10 gal. Some have said that skimmers aren't needed at all, others quite the opposite. So, i want to know what you guys think for my tank. can i have live rock, snails, shrimp, (yes, i fully understand tank capacity, these are just suggestions), etc.

Thanks for your help guys!
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as for sources for the xenia, i know that at least gregory shiemer states xenia being negatively impacted by overskimming. In the wild xenia can be found in some pretty nutrient rich areas. I believe anthony calfo has wrote hes even seen some species growing next to sewage discharges.
On the topic of gorgonians, the problem with not skimming aggressively that they are very susceptable to being overtaken by filamentous algae. Its very hard to balance having enough food sources for feeding yet not enough to cause algae problems. For the most part only the photosynthetic species should be taken out of the ocean as they are the only ones not needing an almost continuous source of food. Finding a photosynthetic sea fan is near impossible now a days with all the regulation. Fortunatily i managed to scavange one up off the florida ricordia rocks that came in that is doing well. Most sponges that are imported are a waste of money to buy anyway, as they will most likely die of mishandleing if not from starvation down the line.
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got you, i thought clayton misread my post as it was 1245 and was going to mess with him. I dont think he knows who this is. haha.
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