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Smallest AIO Setup

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What's the smallest AIO setup anyone's used? What's the smallest that would be feasible without being too small and more harm than good?

I would like to do a desktop tank, but it would have to be pretty small and low maintenance-ish. Maybe I don't have to do coral. Dunno, just kinda wishing/thinking out loud. Lol.
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Innovative Marine 4 and 8 gallon nuvo aquariums are AIO and rimless.
I have the 8 gallon and my wife loves it. Classy Tank.

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Just get a bigger desk! I have a JBJ 14g (holds ~8g after rock,sand and coral displacement) as a dresser top bedroom nano and love it. Probably a bit big for an office desk tank, but if you have clients that come in a slightly bigger tank could also be beneficial so they can see a little more in it and maybe keep the kids occupied more then something open top and tiny. Could also serve as a bit of an ice breaker/ + if played right could show that your a person who pays attention to detail, and the finer things in life. Also, shows your dedicated and willing to put in more effort then tossing a goldfish in a party cup ;)
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