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Save 15% off Vertex Somatic
Sumps, Skimmers & Accessories
Expires Midnight EST 12-30-2016

Save 20% off Hydor Koralia Pumps
Expires Midnight EST 12-30-2016

Lumini Astra 120 LED Lights
25% OFF
We have been testing these new Astra 120 LED lights for 3 months on an office tank. The overall color and intensity looks great. We were also running a Sanrise Aqua Knight on a 20g office tank, and the Astra 120 is quite a bit brighter. We have a Rose anemone, 5" Blue Maxima clam, Mini Carpet anemone and couple brains in the system, and all are super healthy.
You have 2 options to control these:
1. Manual control, you can adjust 4 channels on intensity and color. So even with manual control, you get the benefit of flexibility to dial in the color you like.
2. Wireless Control - Utilize a master controller that allows you to connect to the light via WIFI from your smart phone. You can program time, intensity per channel, storms, and more.
Both options include a hanging kit and Goosneck mount. These are a excellent option that stacks up very well to the competition, all at an affordable price.

Save 30% off MicMol Aqua Air LEDs

15% OFF Eshopps PSK Sump Skimmers
While supplies last. PSK 75, 100, 150 and 200 sump models are 15% off.

Sanrise Aqua Wave Nano LED w/Mounting Arm
50% OFF Freshwater / Daylight Version
Reg 59.99, SALE 29.99
This is a nice touch control LED that would be great for a small fish only systems. Can be use in saltwater or freshwater aquariums. With a spectrum around 10k, this would work for some lower light freshwater plants as well. Closeout price, we only have 5 left, so make sure to get yours!
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