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Selling the last of my saltwater equipment. Up for sale is:

-SpectraPure MPDI-90 5 stage RO/DI system. No filter cartridges but system is in great shape. No leaks or cracks. Comes with all hoses and pressure gauge. - $60

- 5 Gallon bucket of Red Sea coral pro salt. About a month old. Used a couple of scoops for a water change before I sold my tank, practically full. Salt is dry and not clumped. - $30

- Vortex diatom xl filter. Never been used and in great condition. Uses top pump to force water through diatom media. These are pretty cool, never got around to using it though. - $60

- I also have an AquaticLife 48" 4 T5 lamp programmable light that doesn't work. Has 4 ATI lamps installed with good life. Great light but I don't have the time to troubleshoot it. - $30

Take it all for $125. Thanks (269) 270-2626. Located in Kalamazoo


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