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Halloween has brought Premium Aquatics some great treats for this Saturday and our local reefers! Our tanks are loaded with eye candy for your tanks for 11/2/19 from 12pm to 3pm! We have some great deals on fish and have brought in some new corals as well. Stop in to check out our new wall hammer corals, yuma mushrooms, and goniopora as well as a fresh batch of aqua-cultured clownfish and blennies! We have bubble tip anenome's in stock too! There is surely something for each and every one of you this Halloween weekend. Take a look at a few of the highlights below and click on the link for the full availability.

Bicolor Blennies HALLOWEEN SALE $11.99 each
Red Firefish
Midas Blenny - tons of personality
Sailfin Tang - eating everything we throw in the tank
Multicolor Fairy Wrasse - awesome coloration
Christmas Wrasse - Christmas came just a little early this year!
Kole Tang - two to choose from
Powder Blue Tang
Powder Brown Tang
Blue and Red Wrasse HALLOWEEN SALE $11.99 each
Black Cap Basslet HALLOWEEN SALE $49.99
Tangaroa Goby - cute little goby!
Falco and Red Hawkfish
Square Tail Bristletooth Tang
Female Blue Throat Trigger HALLOWEEN SALE $59.99

Our Halloween Sale is going on NOW until November 3rd at Midnight, so this is a great time to stock up on your essentials with these Spooktacular Savings!!

We have restocked our Premium Aquatics 1200 Count Copepod Bottle for shipping and locals! Add a bottle to your refugium to jumpstart a copepod population or add to the display to feed.

We have also added a LOT of Sale and Clearance items that can be found below. So many ways to save on reefing here at Premium Aquatics. Make sure to check out the discount rack in front of the entrance before you shop for livestock. There are plenty of deals there as well as damage box salt and sand up front. If you are looking to start up another tank on a budget, look no further! See you all here this Saturday 11/2/19 from 12pm to 3pm!!

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