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Well, I finally decided to go through all my old aquarium stuff, and sell the extra stuff I have lying around. Let me know if you have any questions. I will consider some trades for corals or specific items I need. Please see the link at the bottom of this post for pictures of everything.

Let me first get the items out of the way that are FREE. They will be first come, first serve and I would like them gona ASAP:

55 Gallon Aquarium - Tank was drilled and has a large crack on the back pane of glass. Otherwise just needs to be cleaned. (Pending)

55 Gallon Aquarium Stand - Built from oak and painted black. The stand is very sturdy, just needs to be cleaned up a little. (Pending)

Instant Ocean Hydrometer - Great for a beginner and works fine.

Small Aquaclear Filter - Works fine, but is missing the top shield piece.

And now for the items I am selling:

29 Gallon Aquarium - This was used as a sump, and is in great shape. Includes a light fixture. $10

20 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium Complete Setup - Includes everything needed to run as a freshwater setup. Whisper 10 filter, heater, net, algae scraper, thermometer, hood w/ built in light, air pump, and misc chemicals and food. $20

Mag-Drive 9.5 Pump - I just installed a new propeller on this last fall, and it works great. $40 (Pending)

Glassholes 700 GPH Overflow - Purchased new last year, and used for 3 months. This is in like-new condition. Includes everything: Overflow, plumbing attachments, diamond-tipped holesaw, and template. $40

Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer - The skimmer itself is brand new, never been used, and includes all parts. It comes with a used pump that works perfectly. I believe it is the BH-100 model. $75

Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer - This is the same model as above, but is used. And DOES NOT include a pump. It has no leaks or defects, but was modified slightly on the exterior plumbing for my sump. $20

Seaclone 100 Skimmer - Hasn't been used in a few years, and needs to be cleaned. Also needs a new Maxi-Jet pump to run it. $5 (Pending)

Lighting System - Includes (2) 150 watt HQI Metal Halide Ballast from Coralife, (2) Coralife 96 watt Ballast Power Compact Strips. The bulbs for the halides need to be changed, but the PC bulbs are less than one month old and are blue actinic. The PC bulbs were $70 for the 2. Currently all of this is built in to a 55 gallon canopy, but any or all of it can be removed. I would rather sell it all as one, but I will sell the Metal Halides seperate from the PC, or vice versa. $100 takes it all.

Marineland Emperor HOB Filter - Works great. In used condition. $10

Whisper 60 HOB Filter - Works great. In used condtion. $10

Whisper 40 HOB Filter - Works great. In used condition. $5

Maxi-Jet Algae-Free Magnet Mod - Good condition and works with any Maxi-jet pump. $10

Here is the link for the photos:
Pictures by sill187 - Photobucket
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