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All of my corals are super healthy and are cared for with the very best practices such as quarantine new additions, best in class water parameters, optimal flow and light, and profound nutrition. I took 5 packs of the following colonies that I have aqua cultured from frags. I cannot substitute at this time as the pack is very well priced but sure you can trade a friend of you have a duplicate. Photos are in my frag tank under Blue plus T5 and Led Royal Blue. I cant make it to the swaps but can meet you in the local area. 200 per pack, corals may not be exact to that pictured, however will be similar in size and quality! Any questions please let me know.

1 Sold / 4 Available.


1. JF Barney Acropora
2. ATL Forest Fire Digi
3. Big E Pacific Rim
4. Tri-Color Acro (Sold to me for over 100 as RR Bees Neez)
5. Pro Corals Blue Thunder
6. Redish Pink Digi
7. Ora Hawkins
8. Bennett yellow Tort
9. RR Aussie Gold
10. Greg Hiller aqua delight
11. Pro Corals Rainbow Acro
12. Rasberry Milli
13. WWC Yellow Tip Acro

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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