I have many frags available. Claim by Wednesday 3pm.

Cash, Venmo, Cash App and Zelle accepted.

A. Firework cloves 5-8 polyps per frag $25.
Purple Marine invertebrates Water Organism Underwater

B. Gold rim Clove polyps.3-5 per frag $20
Blue Flower Purple Petal Organism

C. 2 head Dragon Soul Torch $old

D. orange Polyps Red Montipora frag 1" $15
Marine invertebrates Petal Terrestrial plant Marine biology Electric blue

E. Pink Birdsnest 1" frag $15
Plant Coral fungus Natural environment Purple Organism

F. Green Anacropora frag $10
Vertebrate Natural environment Organism Water Marine biology

G. Purple plating photosynthetic sponge 1-2" frags $20. Does not need to be fed. I have several of these in different tanks with SPS and it grows great.
Blue Vertebrate Purple Natural environment Marine invertebrates

H. Coco worms Sm $20 4". Med $30 7-8"
Arm Leg Plant Human body Organism

I. Red Sea Pulsing Xenia. 1 stalk $10, 2-3 stalks $20 5-6 stalks $30. Can send videos of the colonies. Pink coral that grows fast.
Water Underwater Plant Terrestrial plant Fawn

8oz Tigger pods 100-150 pods per bottle $10
16 oz Rotifers $15
Chaeto 1 cup $15
Fern Caulerpa Algae $10 handful
16oz Phytoplankton $10