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SPS For Sale Or Trade

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I’m looking for new sps or torches possibly other items as well. I have the items below available for sale or trade.
Prefer porch pickup. My wife is pregnant and won’t allow me to have lots of people coming inside the house (COVID-19)

My number is 12488048463

Reef raft pink Cadillac $40
Reef raft star-fire $50
Reef raft wolverine $50
Reef raft red October $50
Reef raft Aussie gold $30
Motor city corals paparazzi Milli $40
Copper flame Milli $60
JF Solar Flare $75
JF The Unknown $25
TGC Cherrybomb $150
Matt V Jelly Bean $50
GB Raspberry Mint $40
PC Rainbow $30
Forest fire digi $20
Setosa $20
Grafted Monti $25
JF slow burn $20
Green slimmer $25
Rainbow stylo $20

Orange hammers $40 per head
INDO orange torch $150
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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