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Most all are healed few months. Some maybe a week or two. I can do fresh cuts unmounted if preferred. Most all are like 1-1.5". Tons of great feedback!!

UPS overnight in styro. Standard Live Arrival Guarantee with pics in bags of DOA's within 3 hrs of delivery.

Take all 18 listed for $255 shipped.

Or if you want a smaller pack
pick 10 for $180 shipped.....
pick 15 for $225 shipped…..
Knock of $10 for P/U

1.) Tyree True Undata

2.) Tri Color

3.)Waynes Reef Acro

4.) Tyree Setosa

5.)Silver Bullet:

6.) Steve Garrets Stylo

7.) Rainbow Pocillopora

8.) Sour Apple Birdsnest

9.) Ponape Birdsnest

10.)Chillie Pepper Monti

11.) Purple Tip Acro

12.)Purple Digi

13.)Orange Cap:

14.)ORA Geko Green:

15.)Pink Birdsnest

16.) ORA Borealis

17.)ORA Blue Green Hawkins

18.) Green Stylo
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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