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SPS Frags! and more

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Displays too cluttered and my frag tanks a bit away from being able to hold SPS so here's what I got.. Numbers correspond with order of pictures. Pics go from left to right so the first picture on left is the Tricolor then spongodes, ORA hawkins, etc....

** Apoligize in advance for crappy pics dont do anything justice best I could do though, the tricolor is the only coral who doesnt have its good color it hasnt recovered fully from a tank change.

1. Tricolor Acropora (Dark green base, baby blue tip, neon green polyps)* My favorite when fully colored... $15 SSOLD
2. Spongodes (Fast Grower) small frag pictured $10
frag 3x size in picture $20
3. ORA Hawkins Echinata- $10
4. ORA Green Birdsnest mini colony- $20 SOLD 1.5" Frag left- $10
5. Orange Digi (3 frags available all size of one in picture) $10
6. Blue/purple/green Stag mini colony (very fast thick branching growth)- $25SOLD
7. German Blue polyp Digitata mini colony- $30
8. Green Cats Paw- $15
9. Birds of Paradise- $15 SOLD
10. Green w/blue polyp montipora capricornus- $15
11. Green Milli mini colony- $25SOLD
12. GARF Bonsai frag- 1-2"- $20 (NO Picture)2 SOLD
13. Tricolor Valida- 2-4"- $10 (NO pic)
14. Acropora Nana 1-1.5" $15 (NO pic)oSOLD
15. Green blue tip stag 1"- $10 (NO pic)SOLD
2"- $15SOLD
3-4"- $20
16. Aussi Purple Tabling Acropora 1"- $20 ( My Favorite)1 SOLD,1 LEFT + Mini colony for $35PENDING
17. Green Slimer- 1.5-2"- $15
18. Huge 8"x4" Leather cabbage coral- $30

Zoas (no pics)

1. Nuclear Green Dragon Eyes- $3pp
2. Eagle Eyes- $3pp
3. Tubs blues- $5pp
4. Everlasting Gobstopper palys- $5pp
5. Electric blue zoas- $5pp
6. Orange Delight zoas (verycool)- $3pp
7. Yellowlong tentacle zoas- $3pp

If you are interested in any that dont have pics or want to place an order please text message me at 989-225-6444 or call and leave a voicemail. I am ALWAYS willing to cut deals when you buy multiple frags, and give a freebie everytime!!!


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the rest of the pics.... Blue stag, German Blue Digi, Green cats paw, birds of paradise, Green blue polyp monti


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one more the green milli mini colony


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Bump for a good seller! Thanks to a nice start to my sps collection
Bbump will cut large discounts on purchase of multiple zoanthid frags! Come on down for a great deal text me 989-225-6444

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BumP for the weekend!
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